Infinite By Nature

I believe everything is connected; that our feelings impact our thoughts, our thoughts impact our actions and our actions impact our communities. Everything we do has a ripple effect.

Everything that we don't do, also has a ripple effect. When we don't take the time to ask ourselves what we need, we can miss important bodily cues to hydrate, eat, move, cry, seek pleasure and rest. If missing these cues becomes a long-term habit you can develop chronic illnesses, lose your passion and sense of joy - creativity seems impossible - we lose our spark! 

The good news is that you can find it again (it has actually gone anywhere, we've just forgotten how to access it)! 
Through meditation you can cultivate joy and creativity, harmonise your nervous system, heal your mindset, make new habits, experience more love and rediscover the things that bring you motivation, pleasure and inspiration. 




 "Josie is a truly luminous soul and deeply gifted guide. She has infinite perception, a clear eye and a supple, wise heart.
Anyone sharing Josie’s presence and receiving her light is being offered a precious and transformative gift.”  

- Alison Potts, Innate Being, Brisbane

"Her work has changed my life and I now feel grounded within myself and have the tools to support myself to continue to cultivate this state of being."

- Ionie Valdez, Mystic Key, Gold Coast

"She fills the space with such positive energy that you can’t help but leave with a smile." - Steph, Steph Ferguson Yoga, Brisbane

Despite us being in different countries she was able to make me feel like she was in the room with me. She made me feel comfortable, and calm.
- KT, Auckland

Meet Josie!

My name is Josie King; I'm a visionary artist and embodiment teacher, the founder of Infinite By Nature.

Yoga, meditation and energy healing have helped me to access my creativity, reclaim my body, calm my mind and increase my well-being in every conceivable way. 

As a trauma survivor I have been living with depression, anxiety and multiple chronic illnesses since early childhood.
My lived experiences as a child heavily impacted my social development and the way that I walked in the world.

Up until the age of 25 I was living with several undiagnosed ailments including endometriosis, scoliosis and PMDD for which I used unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with. At times existence felt unbearable and to say the least, my relationship with myself was abysmal. 

These diagnoses forced me to start becoming more conscious of my body and how I was treating it, so I committed myself to daily self-care practices such as yoga and meditation. This commitment was the turning point in my life. 

I feel like every day I continue to rediscover the power of these practices. They have helped me to maintain a healthy weight, grow fond of my body, appreciate my mind and to create a compassionate, multi-dimensional framework through which I now view the world.

I hope to share my passion for healing through alternative medicine and community engagement with as many people as I possibly can. Because I truly believe that it can not just save lives but also improve them in every way.

Thank you to all of my spiritual teachers, my soul tribe and my guides, I love you all.


Josie's Certifications

Meditation Teacher Training 130HR, Inna Bliss, 2021

Business Management and Digital Marketing Cert IV, 2021

Business Management Cert III, 2021

Reiki Practitioner Level II, 2020

Reiki Practitioner Level I, 2020

200HR Yoga Teacher Training, Inna Bliss 2018

Advanced Pranic Energy Healing, Inner Sciences, 2015

Pranic Energy Healing, Inner Sciences, 2015

Bachelor of Social Policy and Practice, Community Development Major, 2014

Josie has been trained in the latest trauma-sensitive, nervous system friendly meditation and yoga coaching techniques to compliment contemporary medical and therapeutic practices.

IBN cannot and will not give medical diagnoses to any individual at any point in time.