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Our energy levels have a direct affect on all areas of our lives; including our sense of vitality and well-being, the health of our relationships and the ability to manage our day to day lives with ease.

While there are many activities we can do that will make an enormous difference to our daily existence, there can be underlying energies that undermine our efforts.

This is where energy alignment comes in. 


If you're ready to get started you can skip straight to booking, otherwise please read the information down below to learn more about this offering and how it can improve your life.

Getting Started

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Schedule a discovery call

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We will call you back at your chosen to time to discover whether we will work well together and if our services are ideal for your needs.

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We agree on a course of action and book in your first session.

More About Alignment...

IBN energy alignment sessions use a potent combination of healing modalities including Usui Reiki, Pranic Energy and Intuitive Crystal Healing to clear, cleanse and renew your energy bodies.

This can have an amazing affect on your emotional state, physical well-being, vitality and also on your relationships with yourself and others. 

Energy Healing is successfully used to:

  • give people feelings of being loved and nurtured

  • increase sensations of safety in ones body

  •  activate the parasympathetic nervous system (enabling the body to reach deep rest states)

  • manage the symptoms of chronic health conditions

  • empower and cherish the individual

  • invite a sense of well-being to the body

  • create feelings of balance and harmony

  • alleviate symptoms of physical dis-ease

  • remove blockages impacting on daily life

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